Here at Hotshot services in north west michigan, we have the construction team, resources and experience to manage your building project, big or small, simple or complex. Just contact us to set up a meeting so we can get familiar with your needs and timelines. We back our services with a budget and timeline guarantee and work hard to bring all the necessary elements together for a successful construction project on time, every time. Come meet our general contracting team and let us prove to you our passion and commitment to excellence. We will show you our construction management software platform and how it will save you time and money on your building project, by limiting human errors and optimizing production with communication and schedule management.



Large buildings come in all shapes and sizes, and the materials required to construct them differ as well. Whether you are looking for a building constructed with wood or steel, let Hotshot Services go to work for you! Our experienced framing crew will come in and put up your structure in a timely manner and you will have the most important part of your new custom build behind you. We can also source our own materials to save you both time and money. Contact our construction service to get a full quote and timeline for your project.


Concrete is one of the most important aspects of new construction. Don’t trust your foundation to the cheapest bidder you find. Come to Hotshot Services with your prints and let our expert team help you by getting the right people on your site to pour your concrete correctly. We are the only company in the Mason County, Michigan area to distribute and install the patented NUDURA ICF wall system. Hotshot Services also has all types of solutions for in-floor heat and the experience to identify and avoid potential problems during the placement of your concrete. You need a job well done? We have you covered!

Green Wall


Are you looking for something unique for your floor? We have access to a large line of products and have the qualified installers to get the job done. Wood, cork, bamboo, stone, tile and epoxy floors are all products we specialize in, so let us know what we can do for you!


Curb appeal is the name of the game when you are trying to distinguish your home from your neighbors. Come in to see what options we offer, in order to give you the exterior feel and texture that you are looking for. From builder grade to premiere options, we can source and install whatever you desire. Give us a chance to make your home stand out from the rest!


Looking for a deck, patio or hardscape? Come on over so we can help design a stunning concept and get it installed in your front or back yard. We love to create areas where you can bring family and friends over for a great weekend barbecue or a place to spread out and enjoy a summer night's bonfire. We will give you plenty of options to fit your desired outcome and budget, ranging from standard decking to decorative concrete, custom hardscapes and designer railing systems!


In north west Michigan, building a custom home of your dreams is a big decision when the cost of building has never been higher, and most builders that are worth hiring are booked out and too busy to take on new customers. We, at Hotshot Services, have put together an efficient contractor system to save you both time and money by managing the schedule and communication throughout the complete building process. Come in and let us give you a glimpse of our leading edge construction software, and see how stress free it could be to make your vision or recent house plan into a forever home for you and your family! 


If you live in or near Mason County Michigan and are in need of a new roof or gutters, our expert roofing team would love to hear from you! We specialize in all types of roofing applications and have the equipment to install beautiful aluminum seamless gutter in both 5” or 6” sizes. Contact Hotshot Services to learn about our full line of products and which would be best for your home or business. Don’t let a tight timeline deter you either; we can, in most cases, get the material delivered and schedule the install within two weeks from the placement of the order!

Smoothing Concrete


Over the years, our general contractor service has installed a lot of fencing; size, style or product makes no difference to us. Contact Hotshot Services to get your all-inclusive quote and information regarding the products we offer. There is no job too big or too small, and our quality team will ensure that you get the best. Tree work is also something of which we have experience, and although sometimes its just part of the site prep for a new build; other times its that "headache" tree that's hanging over your house or garage and needs to come down piece by piece! On other occasion, it may be the aftermath of a storm and you need it removed ASAP! Give our contracting team a call and we will get one of our experienced climbers to take a look at your special tree project and get you a quote.


There is nothing worse than building a new custom home and watching the drywall and paint phase fall apart with inefficiency and flaws. The crown of a nicely finished house rests on the head of those that know how to mesh timelines with effectiveness, yet keep quality at it's highest standard. Hotshot Services of Mason County, Michigan can do this for you! So contact us about your unique custom project, and bring your interior design concepts to life!


Have you wondered whether custom made trim and cabinetry are a thing of the past? We've got great news for you - they aren't! Our expert craftsmen will take on your special project, to provide you with the custom-made finish work that will set your home apart from the rest. Contact us to find out what we can do for you!